We help children emerge from their cocoons.

ABA therapy in Santa Fe

Wondrous things happen here.

Give your child the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. At Up & Up ABA, our compassionate staff focus on creating a warm therapeutic environment that gives our kids the tools and security they need to take flight.

* OUR Focus Areas

Just what your child
needs to blossom

Working with caring experts

Partner with a team of approachable professionals dedicated to supporting every behavioral challenge.

Thriving with practical tools

We use ABA techniques to help your child gain skills that make school, home, and social situations smoother.

Benefitting from constant review

We count on your input while customizing the care plan. We keep updating, as needed, to best meet your child’s needs.

Enjoying playful sessions

While combining learning with play, our clients make progress that surprises themselves and their families.

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